The Civil War


The American Civil War involved governments and people in many countries. Far from the eastern United States, there were naval battles and the planning of secret operations. Various places provided the North or South with material support.

Many Europeans came to America to fight. Primary motivations included advancing their military experience, supporting democracy, or ending slavery. Having been exposed to life in America, some of this culture would expand far and wide when these people returned home.

Regarding the important military issues, much as been written about battles in the eastern United States, and while these are detailed, political and cultural issues are highlighted as well.

Ethnic issues were key throughout the war. The North had a large population of voters with Irish or German backgrounds. On the battlefield, Irish-born soldiers were on important front lines and took heavy casualties. Half a dozen units consisted entirely of German Americans.

The Civil War changed the world forever. Some changes were small. But the big impact was that the reconstituted United States was on the world map as a major industrial and military power. To buy the book that explains all this and more, click below. The American Civil War and the World: The Role of Governments, Soldiers, Sailors, and Citizens eBook : Grimes, Daniel R.: Kindle Store

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