Coming Soon: My next book, The Greatest Indian Victory: St. Clair's Defeat and the Birth of the United States, will bring to life both sides of the mostly forgotten conflict between the infant United States and a multi-tribal Indian alliance in Ohio.

During George Washington's presidency, expansion westward onto Indian lands was a high priority. This set the stage for the biggest Indian triumph over the United States military in history.

Chiefs Little Turtle and Blue Jacket led the Indians.  Little Turtle was arguably one of the greatest practitioners of guerrilla warfare in American history. Another noteworthy figure on the Indian side was Simon Girty--a white man who had previously fought for the British and their Indian allies in the American Revolution in the west and was the terror of American families who lived along the frontier.

The Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvania during this period would further compound the difficult challenges Washington had to face. These events would be crucial to the westward expansion of the United States and the establishment of the United States Army. George Washington's assertive leadership held the nation together in this early, tumultuous period.