Bunker Hill

The bloody battle of Bunker Hill was fought on June 17, 1775 near Boston.  After the British defeat at Concord two months earlier, the British were determined to use overwhelming force to crush the American rebellion.  However, the American forces were able to place the British troops in Boston under siege.  Although Bunker Hill was ultimately a British victory, the British lost more men than the Americans.  In fact, the British army suffered heavier losses at Bunker Hill than in any other day during the American Revolution.  These appalling losses caused the British commander, General Thomas Gage, to be relieved of his command.  For England to ultimately prevail in this conflict, Gage argued that British officials should mobilize an enormous army, which would include a significant number of foreign soldiers.  The following year, the German Hessians would be shipped to America, along with the largest British army ever sent overseas at that time.

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